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People leave traces of themselves where they feel most comfortable, most worthwhile.

Haruki Murakami (via vagab0n)

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April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain.

 T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land (via pestan)

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Drunk text me. I want
to be the one you think of
when you can’t think straight.

"Drunk Texts are Flattering" by Claire Luisa (via claire-luisa)

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Vasantha Yogananthan - La Traversée

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If you’re poor, the only way you’re likely to injure someone is the old traditional way: artisanal violence, we could call it – by hands, by knife, by club, or maybe modern hands-on violence, by gun or by car. But if you’re tremendously wealthy, you can practice industrial-scale violence without any manual labor on your own part. You can, say, build a sweatshop factory that will collapse in Bangladesh and kill more people than any hands-on mass murderer ever did, or you can calculate risk and benefit about putting poisons or unsafe machines into the world, as manufacturers do every day. If you’re the leader of a country, you can declare war and kill by the hundreds of thousands or millions. And the nuclear superpowers – the US and Russia – still hold the option of destroying quite a lot of life on Earth.

Call Climate Change What It Is: Violence (via azspot)

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Gerhard Richter | Untitled (22.1.2000, Firenze) | 2000
12 cm x 12 cm | Oil on colour photograph

Gerhard Richter | Untitled (22.1.2000, Firenze) | 2000

12 cm x 12 cm | Oil on colour photograph

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Chungking Express 重庆森林 (1994) dir. Wong Kar Wai

story 1: Cop 223 + The Woman in the Blonde Wig

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i really can’t stop watching this

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